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Episode Tie-Ins

The Beginning

The Ghost & the Gumshoe


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Main Novel Line

1. The Novel

2. Too Close For Comfort

3. The Wall

4. Prelude 5. Knights of the Morningstar 6. Search and Rescue

7. Random Measures 8. Pulitzer 9. Double or Nothing

10. Odyssey 11. Independence 12. Angels Unaware

13. Obsessions 14. Loch Ness Leap 15. Heat Wave

16. Foreknowledge 17. Song and Dance 18. Mirror's Edge

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Starlog Article (.pdf)

Allison's Wildest Moments in the Novels

The Leap Back 2009 Convention
Novels & Comics / Author & Artist Panel
C. Winston Taylor, Julie Barrett, Mindy Peterman, and Christopher DeFilippis

Quantum Leap Reference Books

Beyond the Mirror Image | Three Volume Collection

(2017 - 2024)

Making A
Quantum Leap
The Complete
Quantum Leap Book
Time Tripping
A Guide to Quantum Leap


The Making of QL Another Time,
Another Place
A to Z Guidebook

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