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Photo of a "proof novel" before
actual publishing of "The Novel"
by Ashley McConnell


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The Novel

Author: Ashley McConnell

Printed: November 1992
Ace Publishing

ISBN #: 978-0441693221
Leap Date: June 10, 1957

Cover: Keith Birdsong




Carny Knowledge
Author: Ashley McConnell

Printed: April 1993

ISBN #: 978-1852838713
Leap Date: June 10, 1957
Cover: Keith Birdsong



June 10, 1957
Jasmine, Oklahoma

Trapped in the body of a 1950s carnival worker, Sam Beckett learns the true meaning of thrills and chills. According to Al, Sam's holographic contact with the future, a roller coaster will derail in four days.

The accident will result in seven deaths . . .

And Sam's chance of stopping it are one in a million.

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Brush up on your Carny Knowledge, because it’s time for Quantum Leap: The Novel!

Join hosts Allison Pregler, Matt Dale and Christopher DeFilippis as they kick off the first meeting of the QLP Book Club with this extended review of the first novel in the Quantum Leap novel series, written by Ashley McConnell — in which Sam Leaps into a 1950s carnival worker and has to stop a deadly roller coaster crash.

We also bring you an interview with Quantum Leap novel series editor Ginjer Buchanan. Ginjer chats about the inception of the official tie-in novel program and how she kept it going for 19 books.

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