TNA - The Novel Adoption Program

Guidelines, Novel Availability, and General Info

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Novels available for adoption:
The Beginning
The Ghost and the Gumshoe
The Novel (Carny Knowledge)
Too Close For Comfort
Knights of the Morningstar
Search and Rescue
Random Measures
Double or Nothing
Heat Wave 
The Ghost and the Gumshoe
The Beginning

To allow everyone to be as involved with making this one of the most UNIQUE Quantum Leap sites out there we have a program called TNA - The Novel Adoption program and here is how it works:

Fans sign up to become the "guardian" of one specific novel.If there is a shortage of volunteers, then a person might be able to sign up to do 2 or more novels, but only after completing the first one!

Guardians are asked to type up a synopsis, which could be posted to a web page. For example, some of the things you can include within the synopsis are:

Name of the Person Leaped Into
Project Trivia
Sam Trivia
Al Trivia
Miscellaneous Trivia
Copyright Date
Leap Date

Regular Characters
Guest Characters
Guest Character Notes (interesting things you've discovered about those who appeared in the novel)
Characters who appeared in the QL television episodes
Personal Review
Best Line
Best Scene
Worst thing about the novel
Say what? (AKA things in the novel that make no sense)
Quotable Quotes
ISBN number
Author's notes
Information about the author
And more!

Also, the episode guardian could write their own missing scenes to explain something that might have happened but wasn't written, etc.

There is no deadline for Novel Adoptions.

All you have to do is email me first with your choice of novel to make sure no one else already has it.

*****DO NOT FORMAT YOUR SUBMISSIONS IN ANY WAY!! Send them in a plain-text email with no html formatting. This is very important so that I can paste it into the page easily.

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