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Novel # 8

Author: L. Elizabeth Storm

Printed: June 1995
Ace Publishing

ISBN #: 978-1572970229
Leap Date: June 15, 1975
Cover: Stephen Gardner



Author: L. Elizabeth Storm

Printed: 1995

ISBN #: 978-0752206776
Leap Date: June 15, 1975
Cover: Colin Howard



June 15, 1975
Bethesda, Maryland

Leaping into the body of a Navy psychiatrist, Sam is surprised when his first client is Lieutenant Al Calavicci, who has been accused of treason by fellow POWs and who is wanted for questioning by the Pentagon.

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Join hosts Allison Pregler, Matt Dale, and Christopher DeFilippis as they discuss L. Elizabeth Storm’s novel that sees Sam Leap into the life of a newly-repatriated Lt. Calavicci, in a story that reveals Al’s harrowing past as a POW and the government intrigue surrounding his return home.

This novel is a must-read for all the Al lovers out there!

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