Beyond the Mirror Image | Three-Volume Collection
The Observer's Guide to Quantum Leap
By Matt Dale

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The definitive guide to Quantum Leap from 1989 to Present!

Volume 1: The Original Series  |  Volume 2: The Revival  |  Volume 3: Appendices

Beyond the Mirror Image | Volume One: The Original Series
(2nd Edition)

The Observer's Guide to Quantum Leap
By Matt Dale

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770 pages.

Covers a massively updated episode-by-episode guide to the original series. With Foreword by Deborah Pratt.

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“Theorising that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator… and vanished.”

Join Sam Beckett as he leaps through time putting right what once went wrong, with this indispensable armchair guide to the series from researcher Matt Dale, co-host of the Quantum Leap Podcast and author of the acclaimed 2016 edition of this guide, massively updated and revised here.

Featuring interviews with over 100 key personnel from the show, this episode-by-episode look through the series highlights important themes and will take you behind-the-scenes of this classic series like never before.


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Beyond the Mirror Image | Volume Two: The Revival
The Observer's Guide to Quantum Leap
By Matt Dale

262 pages.

“Dr.Ben Song risked everything when he used the Quantum Leap accelerator to travel back in time.”

Join Ben Song on a journey through the first season of this groundbreaking relaunch, from the author of Beyond the Mirror Image, the acclaimed guide to the original series of Quantum Leap, and co-host of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Matt Dale.

Featuring interviews with dozens of the key people involved, along with analayses and in-depth guides, this celebration of the new series of Quantum Leap is accompanied by details of the relaunches that never were: A Bold Leap Forward, Time Child, and more…

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Beyond the Mirror Image | Volume Three: Appendices
The Observer's Guide to Quantum Leap
By Matt Dale

Approx 600 pages.

Covers a huge update to the appendices from the 1st edition – a full timeline of the QL universe, guides to the novels and comics, merchandise and much much more.

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Beyond the Mirror Image | (1st Edition)
The Observer's Guide to Quantum Leap
By Matt Dale

First published March 10, 2017
780 pages
Linen wrap binding
Dimensions: 6x9" / 152x229mm

Now out of print.


Behind the scenes stories
Observations and nitpicks
A full chronology of the Quantum Leap universe
The unmade tales

All this and more in the most comprehensive celebration of Quantum Leap ever…

Initially available as a limited edition hardback via Kickstarter in 2016, this is now available as a print-on-demand and eBook product through popular demand.

“Amazing… so much material to go through. Fantastic job!”

“I never expected quite the amount of information it holds… Would almost be criminal for the lovers of QL out there not to have the opportunity to enjoy this book.”

“A thing of beauty!”

“This FAR exceeds what I was expecting. You did a fantastic job with this and I am over the moon for it!”.

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