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On March 26, 1989, NBC aired the pilot for a television show that has a fan cult following decades after the series ended on May 5th, 1993. Combining science fiction & drama with a hint of comedy and a splash of adventure, the original series ran five seasons with 95 episodes.

On September 19, 2022, Quantum Leap returned! The sequel series had two seasons with 31 episodes. The finale aired February 20, 2024. Check the News section for all QL news as it comes in. 

Leap into our newly upgraded  Forum where you can post your ideas, reviews, thoughts, & converse with fellow leapers from around the world on the only remaining 2000-era Quantum Leap forum still online!

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Quantum Leap 2022-2024
by NBC

Al's PlaceQuantum Leap Fan Site
Brian Greene

The Revival Series: 2022 - 2024 Staring Raymond Lee & Caitlin Bassett
Also Staring: Mason Alexander Park, Nanrisa Lee & Ernie Hudson
Quantum News & Updates
Latest news on anything related to the Quantum Leap Revival
Episode Guide
Complete episode guide developed as the series progresses
NBC and Peacock TV Schedule
Here is the latest television schedule for Quantum Leap

Cast & Crew
Info on the Cast & Crew - from Addison to Ziggy!
Al's Video Library
Commercials, Leaps, Saga-sells, Behind the Scenes, Interviews
Imaging Chamber
Photos, Screencaps, Mirror Images, & More!
Ziggy's NEW Sounds
Sound clips from the revival series
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QL DVD, Bluray, merchandise and memorabilia
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Onine Community / Forum
Currently the ONLY 2000-era Quantum Leap messageboard still online!
Quantum Leap Podcasts
Catch up on the past, present, and future of Quantum Leap
Al's Place | Classic Series 1989-1993
Leap back with Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci to the Classic Series

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