Quantum Leap Memorabilia

Home video releases, hats, crew shirts, comics, books, keychains & more!

Join me along with Beyond the Mirror Image author Matt Dale, Quantum Leap Podcast hosts Albert Mark Burdge & Allison Pregler, Fate's Wide Wheel Podcast host Sam Fain, QL Prop Handlink designer and superfan Morgan Feldon, and The Star Bright Project Podcast hosts Aaron & Michelle Moss as we discuss and show off tons of Quantum Leap memorabilia in 2023!

The items in this section are NOT for sale from Al's Place
and are displayed here for archive purposes only.

Home Video:
Blu-ray, DVD, Laserdisc
& VHS + Streaming
Official Comic Book Series
Novels, Books &
Reference Manuals


Soundtrack Album

CD, Cassette, Single, etc.

TV Hits Volume 1 CD
Quantum Theme & Other Hits

1993 Calendar

Download the pdf


Address Book


Salt & Pepper Shakers

Project Patch

Official Hat

QL Magnet

Flip-Top Lighter



Lapel Pins

Lapel Pin

Official Postcards

Custom Action Figures

Fan Publications

Ziggy Says Relax Shirt

Convention Shirts

 Convention Shirt

Crew Jacket

Oh Boy! Shirt
Fan Production

Bowling Shirt
Fan Production

Logo Shirt

Beckett | Calavicci
1996 Shirt

Crew Jacket

Crew Jacket

Crew Shirt

Bellisarius Productions Sweatshirt

Phone Cases

Crew Sweatshirt

(Images from Chris M. Haynes, Transportation personnel)

Crew Shirt

Crew Shirt

Crew Shirt

Crew Shirt
from The Leap Home Part II

(Images from Chris M. Haynes, Transportation personnel)
Official Patch

(Image from Chris M. Haynes, Transportation personnel)

Al Shelton Belt Buckle
From Scott/Dean to crew 1990

Robe given to select crew
by Scott and Dean 1993

Official Jacket, Bumper Sticker, Star Pin, Crew Robes

Mid-2000's Al's Place CD-ROM
Videos and Sounds

Al's Place Mousepad
Original Image and Finished Pad

Looking for props?
"Screen Used" Props

Looking for Handlinks?
See the Handlinks

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