Writer: George Broderick, Jr. & Becky Broderick
Illustrator: Andy Price
Lettering: Vickie Williams
Coloring: Scott Rockwell
Editor: George Broderick, Jr. & David Campiti


Volume No. 1

Issue No. 6

September 1992

Quantum Leap ™ & 1992 Universal City Studios, Inc




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February 12, 1959
Queens, New York

February 14, 1959
Queens, New York

Sam leaps into Cindy Anderson, twin to Sandy Anderson who Al says will be raped after an upcoming dance. Sam must find a way to keep 'his' twin sister from going on the date with the hottest guy in school, Rick Towers. But when an unexpected change in the original history occurs, Sam leaps again before he can prevent the date from happening. Will he still be able to prevent Sandy's rape?

Summary by mshirley27

February 12, 1959. Sam leaps into small town high school student, Cindy Anderson, twin sister of Sandy. Al and Ziggy predict that in order to leap, Sam must prevent Sandy from being raped. They believe Sandy is raped by the local "Casanova" Rick Towers. Complicating the leap, the twin bond between Sandy and Cindy enables Sandy to almost glimpse Al and the Imaging Chamber!

Oh boy! What's Sam to do?

airdave's Quantum Leap #6 - A Tale of Two Cindy's review

Double The Adventure, Double The Fun!

Actress Hayley Mills starred in the original The Parent Trap in 1961. The concept came to the small screen with The Patty Duke Show. Lindsay Lohan revived the concept with a '90's remake of The Parent Trap.

"A Tale of Two Cindys" finds Sam leaping in to Cindy Anderson, just before the annual Valentine's Day school dance. George and Becky Broderick's script doesn't give a where that Sam has leaped to. Everything seems small-town familiar to Sam, having grown up in Elk Ridge, Indiana. Sam tells Al that it feels like The Patty Duke Show. Andy Price does a very nice job of carrying off the Brodericks' story.

Ziggy calculates that in order to leap, Sam has to prevent Cindy's twin, Sandy, from being raped.

A nice touch is that the twins younger brother has been leaving his toys laying around the house. Which leads to another accident only Sam can prevent.

Another nice touch is that Sandy has an inkling of Al and may see Sam through Cindy.

The Brodericks put a nice twist to the story, with another leap. There's a surprise reveal, and everything is wrapped up where even the "villain" comes out better in the end.

The only real downer is the final page leap. Sam leaps back to Karen Connors in the first issue. There's no hint what's coming next. The issue ends kind of flat. Otherwise, it's a pretty solid story.