Writer: Bill Spangler
Illustrator: Mike Deodatto, Sr.
Lettering: Vickie Williams
Coloring: Andy Price
Editor: George Broderick, Jr.

Volume No. 1

Issue No. 8

December 1992

Quantum Leap ™ & 1992 Universal City Studios, Inc




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Project Quantum Leap, 1999
Western Pennsylvania, 1958

This issue takes place both at the Project and in 1958 where Sam has taken the place of a bank robber who's partner will shoot a woman out of jealousy. Back at the project, the leapee tries to escape and Al must convince him to help Sam stop the tradgedy.

Overall, this is a very good issue from the leapee's perspective. There is one error though. At the beginning, a caption reads, "The Nevada Desert, 1999..." This of course should have been "The New Mexico Desert."