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Volume No. 1

Issue No. 8

December 1992

Quantum Leap ™ & 1992 Universal City Studios, Inc


Bill Spangler

Mike Deodatto, Sr.
Vickie Williams

Andy Price
George Broderick, Jr.

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Project Quantum Leap, 1999
Western Pennsylvania, 1958

This issue takes place both at the Project and in 1958 where Sam has taken the place of a bank robber who's partner will shoot a woman out of jealousy. Back at the project, the leapee tries to escape and Al must convince him to help Sam stop the tradgedy.

Overall, this is a very good issue from the leapee's perspective. There is one error though. At the beginning, a caption reads, "The Nevada Desert, 1999..." This of course should have been "The New Mexico Desert."

Summary by mshirley27

It is a rare opportunity. Through Vic Starkey comes an opportunity to see 1999 and Project: Quantum Leap! Meantime, Sam is at Vic's parents' farm after robbing a bank with his partner Luke Willis. Things get complicated, when Luke shoots a policeman chasing them; and later when Vic's old girlfriend shows up at the farm unannounced!

airdave's Quantum Leap #8 - Getaway review

Escape Tomorrow

Quantum Leap was a smart time travel series. It focused more on being an anthology, set in the recent past and present. Brilliance came in not focusing too much or giving away too much detail on the future, where Same leaped from - prematurely testing the Quantum Leap Accelerator. Less was more there.

Bill Spangler's Quantum Leap 8 script, "Getaway", finds Vic Starkey in the Nevada Desert, where Project: Quantum Leap is located. He's cuffed down in a chair in a high-tech room in a high-tech above-ground facility. Mike Deodato Sr.'s art has Vic looking very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It's a delight that the story is split between a view of the future, followed by the resolution in the past.

Sam, as 1958 Vic, is holed up at Vic's parents' Western Pennsylvania farm. He and his partner in crime, Luke Willis, robbed a bank. Things got complicated when Luke shot a policeman chasing them. Then Vic's ex-girlfriend showed up unannounced.

The focus in Spangler's script is not so much the leap or the resolution; it's how Vic reacts to a new path his life is being set on. He wants to remember what caused the change.

That right there, is the best part of the story. Vic's awakening and realization.

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