When the episode re-aired after "A Portrait For Troian", the updated leap effect was added to the leap-in and leap-out sequences!

107 "Camikazi Kid"

Leap Date:

June 6, 1961

Episode adopted by: Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL
Additional info provided by: Brian Greene



As a geeky teenager, Sam must prevent his sister from marrying an abusive alcoholic. We learn that Sam's own sister also became victim to the same fate.

Sam is forced into a drag race to defend his sister's honor and Al offers some inside tips on winning the race.


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Production # 65014

TV Guide Synopsis:
In the body of a Van Nuys, Cal., teenager in 1961, Sam tries to help the guy's idealistic sister, who's about to marry a brutish hot-rodder. Cheryl: Romy Windsor. Bob: Kevin Blair. Jill: Holly Fields. Chuck: Robert Constanzo. Pencil: Jason Priestley.




San Gabriel Valley, near Pomona, California



Leap Date:
June 6, 1961


Cameron “Cam” Wilson

Broadcast Date:
May 10, 1989 - Wednesday




“The Wanderer” by Dion and the Belmonts

“Oh Boy” by Buddy Holly & The Crickets

"Baby It's You" by The Shirelles

“Rockin’ Robin” by Bobby Day

“Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love” by Marty Wilde

“Let It Be Me” by The Everly Brothers

Project Trivia: 
The handlink is a thin see through piece of plastic with silver strips at top and bottom and with red flashing graph like bars lights near the center. It is contoured to fit Al’s hand.  


Ziggy is refered to as male in this episode. 

Sam Trivia:

This is the second time that Sam mentions his younger sister, Katie, the first being in Genesis. We learn that Katie married a guy named "Chuck" at the age of 17 (which would have been 1974-75 since it is established in The Leap Home that Katie was born in 1957). As we learned in Genesis, her second marriage was to Jim Bonnick, though it is unclear how many years later this marriage took place. Katie's marriage to Chuck is mentioned again in The Leap Home, when Sam attempts to dissuade her from dating him in the future. Source


Al Trivia:

He shares things that he has picked up with Sam, like cars and girls.

Al popped in and out 5 times


Al smoked 2 cigars

Al is not seen going into or coming out of the Imaging Chamber in this episode.



Al's Outfits: 

1) Red shirt, White pants, Silver “pleather” jacket & red plastic wrap around see through sunglasses.


2) Wedgwood blue shirt, Wedgwood blue, black & white checked suspenders w/black & silver tie and black pants.


3) Powder blue suit w/blue pinstripe shirt & reddish orange tie and white tennis shoes.


4) Western style Mustard yellow silky shirt w/silver Indian style bolo.


5) Blue silky shirt w/ modern design silver collar pin, light gray pants and white tennis shoes.



Al's Women:  

Al eyes the waitress at the drive-in burger place.

Al drops in on Cheryl's lingerie party.

He tells of a Vegas stripper that started out with a TV carton and ended up with a Kleenex box.

Al meets a girl at an auto auction, back in his own time.




Miscellaneous Trivia:  

What helped me determine the basic location in California was the number 10525 on the curb across the street when Bob drives up and Sam is on the front lawn, the style of the houses as the camera pans around, and the fact that Cheryl said Cam had not been any farther than the Pomona Hospital.

Diamond Farnsworth performed the stunt where Sam jumps out of the way of Bob's car.

This was the third episode actually produced. It is shown out of production order in the original run.


Kiss With History:  

Sam and Jill add nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" into the intake manifold to give it an extra boost.


Sam in men's room with Al and little boy (a young Michael Jackson) comes in and he and Sam do a dance routine till one of his brother’s comes to get him and moon walks out the door.



Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Al




Guest Cast: 

Brandon Quintin Adams as Older Brother

Michael Bellisario as Little Boy at Kids Table

Janet Carroll as Janie Wilson

Robert Costanzo as Chuck Thompson

Holly Fields as Jill

Mary Pat Gleason as Mrs. Thompson

Johnny Lage as Marty

Richard McGonagle as Dad Wilson

Scott Menville as Cameron Wilson [mirror image]

Jason Priestley as Pencil

Edward Schaaf (as Edward Schaff) as Minister

Kevin Spirtas (as Kevin Blair) as Bob Thompson

Tom Verica as Impala

Romy Walthall (as Romy Windsor) as Cheryl Wilson
Darren VanCleef as High School Teacher


Guest Cast Notes:

Brandon Quintin Adams as older brother: Best known for his role as Zeke in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Brandon Quintin Adams has been involved in the business since toddler age. Appearing in commercials and print ads, was just the start of his career. At the age of 9, he landed his first television role as 'Peter' in the NBC sitcom, Empty Nest in 1988. As a result, his career soared and he landed roles in numerous television sitcoms (A Different World, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Moesha and Martin among others) and movies (Polly, The Mighty Ducks and The Sandlot among others) through the years. After having previously taken a long hiatus to focus on family and music, Brandon is now back on the scene to resume his acting career.

Michael Bellisario as little boy at kids table: Michael Bellisario was born on April 7, 1980 in Los Angeles County, California, USA. He is an actor, known for Grandma's Boy (2006), NCIS (2003) and JAG (1995). Half-brother of Troian Bellisario, Nicholas Bellisario, David Bellisario, Julie B. Watson. Also the stepbrother of Sean Murray and Chad W. Murray. Son of Donald P. Bellisario and Lynn Halpern.Stepson of Vivienne Bellisario.

Janet Carroll as Janie Wilson: Janet began her stage career, right out of high school, at the legendary Kansas City Starlight Theatre, appearing in many many musicals including: "Hello Dolly", "Guys and Dolls"," Mame", "Gypsy", "South Pacific", "Pajama Game", "Carousel" and many others. Janet continued her stage work in California for many years, starring opposite Cloris Leachman in "A Couple of White Chicks", starred with Lynn Redgrave and John Lithgow in "Lady Windemere's Fan", among other productions. Janet made her Broadway debut in "Little Women", alongside Sutton Foster and Maureen McGovern. Her big break in films came when she was cast as Tom Cruise's mother in Risky Business (1983). From there, she went on to star in numerous films. Janet won the coveted Los Angeles Drama Logue Critics Award for outstanding achievement in theatre for Ezra Pound's "Electra". For eight years, she was the Artistic Director of The Jazz Series at The Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, Janet was the co-founder of "The Victory Ball" in Westport CT, annually benefiting ALS Foundation(Lou Gehrig's Disease). She served on the Executive Board of Directors of Ginny Mancini's "Society of Singers" as VP of Development. She passed away May 22, 2012 in New York City, New York. Her ashes were spread in the Edgebrook Lutheran Church Memorial Garden in Chicago, Illinois.

Robert Costanzo as Chuck Thompson: Robert Costanzo is an American actor from Brooklyn, New York who is known for voicing Harvey Bullock in various Batman cartoons and Arkham Origins. He also voiced Philoctetes in the Hercules animated series and Kingdom Hearts. He also acted in Saturday Night Fever, Friends, The 4th Floor, The Golden Girls, Lois and Clark, Hannah Montana and Die Hard 2.

Holly Fields as Jill: Holly Fields began her acting career at age 6 in Sacramento, where she understudied Molly Ringwald in "Through the Looking Glass." Soon after, her family moved to Dallas, Texas where she became a theater veteran along with her brother. She toured in national theater productions and was in the Broadway cast of "Annie" at age 11. Soon after, she started doing commercials, modeling and local TV shows. At age 13, Holly went to Los Angeles for one month to see what would happen. A week after the move, she was cast in the CBS pilot Fort Figueroa (1988) starring opposite Charles Haid. Her family decided to let her give it a try and moved to Los Angeles. Weeks after, Holly was seen by Christopher Guest and given a part in his film The Big Picture (1989). She quickly began landing leading roles acting opposite such as Michael J. Fox, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Aniston and Burt Reynolds, and being hired by Madonna, Garry Shandling and Chris Carter, among others. Her parents, wanting her to have a normal childhood, moved the family to San Francisco. Soon after, Holly's older brother was asked to join the UCLA medical team and her older sister was accepted into an L.A. design school. So, once again the Fields family moved back to Los Angeles. Holly has an all-girl group named "Zoom" signed to Avex Tracks Records in Japan and produced by Joey Carbone whom she met while filming It's Garry Shandling's Show. (1986). Holly is working on producing her own projects and, when she isn't filming, she's writing and singing on her own and other artists' albums.

Mary Pat Gleason as Mrs. Thompson: Mary Pat Gleason was born on February 23, 1950 in Lake City, Minnesota, USA. She was an actress and writer, known for Intolerable Cruelty (2003), The Crucible (1996) and A Cinderella Story (2004). She died on June 2, 2020 in Burbank, California, USA.

Johnny Lage as Marty: Johnny Lage is a veteran writer, actor and producer with over 20 years in Hollywood and in independent production, in virtually every facet of the entertainment industry. His company, Aposse/CMC, creates multimedia products in a variety of mediums and formats for television and film and also works as guns forhire on other projects.

Richard McGonagle as Dad Wilson: Richard Francis McGonagle is an American actor from Boston. He is known for voicing Victor Sullivan from Uncharted, General Grievous from Star Wars before he was replaced by Matthew Wood, Odin from Samurai Jack, the Precursor Leader from Jak and Daxter, Four Arms from Ben 10, Bato from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Abin Sur from Green Lantern: First Flight.

Scott Menville as Cameron Wilson [mirror image]: Scott Menville is an American voice actor known for voicing Robin in the Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go and associated DC franchises. He also voiced Rick Courage from Evil Con Carne, Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo, Fred Flintstone from The Flintstone Kids, Rocket the Sloth from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings video game and Yaibal in Final Fantasy X-2.

Jason Priestley as Pencil: Jason Priestley was born on August 28, 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is an actor and producer, known for Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990), Call Me Fitz (2010) and Cas & Dylan (2013). He has been married to Naomi Lowde-Priestley since May 14, 2005. They have two children. He was previously married to Ashlee Petersen.

Kevin Spirtas as Bob Thompson (as Kevin Blair): Kevin Spirtas started his career as a stage actor on Broadway, and then worked his way into film and television. Starting in 1995, he began using the name Kevin Spirtas professionally. He is known for starring in the films Friday the 13th: The New Blood (1988), as Nick, and The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1984), as Roy, and for his runs on Days of Our Lives (1965) and Winterthorne (2015). He co-created and stars in a web soap opera called "After Forever", where he plays a gay character, something that feels right for the openly gay actor.

Tom Verica as Impala: Tom Verica is a true multi-hyphenate with an illustrious career as a gifted actor, director and executive producer. Currently, he is the Head of Creative Production for Shondaland/Netflix. Among his roles in creative leadership, Tom serves as Executive Producer and director on three worldwide smash successes for Shondaland/Netflix including QUEEN CHARLOTTE, of which Verica directed all episodes of the critically acclaimed series, BRIDGERTON, and INVENTING ANNA, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series as an Executive Producer and a Directors Guild Award for Best Director of a Limited Series. Other work with longtime collaborator, Shonda Rhimes, include Executive Producer/Director of SCANDAL and FOR THE PEOPLE. Verica has helmed over one hundred hours of television, with both pilots and episodes to his credit, including THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, GREY'S ANATOMY, BOSTON LEGAL, UGLY BETTY, and AMERICAN DREAMS among others.

Romy Walthall (as Romy Windsor) as Cheryl Wilson: Romy Walthall was born on September 16, 1963 in Pasadena, Texas, USA. She was an actress and producer, known for Face/Off (1997), Camp Nowhere (1994) and Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988). She was married to Scott Krantz. She died on May 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Darren VanCleef as High School Teacher: Born in Houston, Texas. Darren is a native Texan. To work his way through college, Darren began selling cars at the age of 17, in addition to starting an acting career. Darren worked in commercials and had some small parts in television. He shifted his focus to his automotive career where he quickly became one of the top salespeople in the United States. From there, Darren ran a car dealership very successfully and eventually went to work for a large company as a trainer for their training programs. Darren worked his way through the company and eventually became the Global Director of Sales and Marketing for their training programs. In 2000 Darren started his own business. He built a very successful business as a motivational speaker and trainer. He speaks to groups all over the world and he is well recognized in many industries. His success gave him the opportunity to focus on the entertainment  industry. He decided to open a Production and Management Company in Hollywood. In addition, Darren knew that he had to learn the industry in order to succeed. He committed to learning what actors, directors, producers, etc... go through by actually doing the different jobs. As you will see from his profile, he actually worked as an actor several television series and films. Darren has starred in and produced many industrial programs and features, including The Selling Zones, 21st Century Selling, Business Development Communication Centers, and more.

Guests Who Appeared in Other Episodes of Quantum eap:

Michael Bellisario also appeared in "Play Ball", "A Tale of Two Sweeties", and "Mirror Image."


Best Scene:

When Sam walks down the hallway and hears Cam’s mother calling him. He peeps in the cracked doorway to see a woman in the kitchen with a plastic bowl shaped contraption on her head with her hair sticking out through holes covered in foil. She wants to know what the latest issue of Playboy is doing behind his hamper. 

Sam says & chuckles, “An old Playboy magazine.” 

Janie says, “Old! Miss May looks pretty fresh to me. Rosa found that wedged behind your hamper. She had a conniption fit. She started crossing herself and started yammering in Spanish, it sounded worse than Shooter choking on a fur ball!” 

Sam says, “Sorry." 

Janie says, “That’s four cleaning ladies since October! This one quits Mister, and you’re grounded for a year!” 

Sam starts to leave and Janie wants to know where he’s going and he says to his room. But you know moms … she wants her kiss first! Sam walks back over to her a shyly kisses her on the cheek. When he does this she notices the torn pocket on his shirt, makes a face, and says his name. All Sam can do is tilt his head and shrug his shoulders.

Say What?

Sam looks in the car mirror and just shows his top teeth while the mirror image shows top and bottom teeth.

Do Cam's braces leap with him to the waiting room since they are attached to his body?


There is a slight difference in the clip-on sunglasses of Sam and mirror image of leapee at initial leap.


Before the last race starts Sam’s glasses are hooked in t-shirt collar and Sam grabs them. He leans over to open the car door for Jill and they are still hooked on his t-shirt collar.

Nitrous Oxide does not make a person speak in a higher pitch... helium does.

Sam walks in the front door for the first time and in the living room the TV is playing “Leave It To Beaver." The show first aired Nov 19, 1960. It’s called “Eddie’s Double-Cross”. Oct ’59 – Sept ’62 the show aired on ABC, Saturdays at 8:30pm. Sam leaped in on a Tuesday.

Quotable Quotes: 

Look what I picked up this morning.
The girl or the car?
-- Al and Sam, "Camikazi Kid"

Ohh, Tina would look good without that on.
-- Al (spying on a bridal shower), "Camikazi Kid"

When you're finished, I'll be back with your dessert.
Just put a cherry on top of your head.
-- Rollerskating waitress and Al, "Camikazi Kid"

Oh man, that looks good.
Want a bite?  Oh, sorry, you're a hologram.
-- Al and Sam (eating a hamburger), "Camikazi Kid" 

Sam remembers when his sister Katie first got married when she was 17 and she probably wanted to get away from the farm. Her husband, Sam says, “He drank a lot and when he got drunk…” Al says, “I’m sorry Sam.” Sam says, “She was my sister, SHE IS MY SISTER… Maybe I could have helped her and saved her from a lot of pain.” Al says, “Yeah but, it wasn’t your fault.”

Sam's Best Line:

Sam says, "Al, AL! What year is it?”  Al says, "1961.” Sam says, “Great! The tail end of the most immature period in history. All the guys still drink malts, drive hot rods and wear butch wax in their hair. And the girls, all have pillow fights, chat on the phone, blind dates and get their panties raided.” Al says, “Ah… those were the good ol’ days.”  


Al's Best Line:

Al says, “Oh, Tina would look good without that on.” 

Sam says, “Al.” 

Al says, “Oh Hi Sam. Oh you missed all the fun! Check out this black number from Fredrick’s of Hollywood box.”

Sam says, “I WILL NOT! Check that out. What are you doing here?” 

Al says, “I’m confirming that Ziggy’s data retrieval circuits are fully functional.” 

Sam says, “What?” 

Al says, “Well you see, he predicted Cheryl’s lingerie party would start at precisely 2:07 PDT. He was eight seconds off!” 

Sam says, “Al, you didn’t stand in here and watch Cheryl try on all this… stuff on.” 

Al says, “Well you know… ah… ah if you’re goanna publish you gotta have data.” 

Sam says, “What are you going to publish a lingerie catalogue?” 

Al says, “That’s a good idea Sam, I could do some inside research, if you get my drift.” 

Sam says, “Yeah I get your drift. What else you here for?” 

Al says, “Nothing.” 

Sam says, “Nothing?” 

Al says, “Nothing, I thought lingerie was enough.”  

Synopsis & Review:

Sam leaps into Cam Wilson while competing in a drag race against another teenager. After the race, Sam drives to a local takeaway to order lunch, where he is harassed by a group of bullies known as the Impalas, with members like Pencil. Moments later, Cam's older sister, Cheryl Wilson, arrives with her fiancé, Bob Thompson, a close friend of the Impalas. Cheryl excitedly announces to Sam that she and Bob have been accepted into the Peace Corps and are preparing to travel to Tonga after their wedding. Meanwhile, the Impalas have now begun bullying a young tomboy named Jill. They steal her purse and begin throwing it around to one another. Sam intervenes by grabbing the purse and handing it back to Jill. Embarrassed, Jill tearfully flees the scene, while Cheryl goes after her to offer comfort. Cheryl tells Jill that the Impalas are merely insecure juveniles. Jill says she would never date any of them, though she would date Cam. Cheryl says she will pass on the news, despite Jill's opposition.

Cheryl and Bob leave, while the Impalas gather around Sam to administer punishment upon him. They pin him down, strip off his clothes, carry him to a garbage bin and hurl him inside. Jill witnesses Sam attempting to climb out of the garbage bin, naked, and gathers his clothes to give back to him. She is flattered that Sam was punished for standing up for her.

Now clothed again, Sam proceeds to eat his takeaway lunch while Al tells him about his mission. He explains that, though Cheryl and Bob appear to be a happy couple, Bob is in fact a mean-spirited drunk, who regularly beats Cheryl. After they got married, Bob never lived up to his promise of joining the Peace Corps, and Cheryl never got to see the world like she wanted to.

Sam suddenly remembers that his own sister, Katie, married at the age of 17 to a young man who was also an abusive alcoholic, and that, like Cheryl, she never told anyone or left him because she was ashamed and scared. Disturbed by the memory of his sister's painful circumstances, Sam is determined to prevent Cheryl from suffering the same fate.

Back at home, Sam notices that Cheryl is jittery about the big changes in her life: her marriage, college graduation, leaving home and joining the Peace Corps. He encourages her to delay the wedding until after the Peace Corps, but she says Bob won't go unless they get married beforehand. Sam advises her that maybe Bob is the wrong man for her, stating that he has a drinking problem. Cheryl defends Bob and is upset at Sam for criticizing him.

The next day, Cheryl is trying-on Bob's mother's wedding dress and becomes flustered with wedding preparations. The knot at the back of the dress becomes entangled and, while helping her fix it, Sam notices bruises on the back of Cheryl's neck. Sam demands that she admit that Bob caused them, but she runs off, telling Sam to drop the matter. Bob arrives to visit Cheryl, carrying flowers. Sam confronts him over Cheryl's bruises. Bob professes ignorance, and Sam responds by grabbing Bob's neck and demonstrating how such bruises are usually inflicted on a person. Bob becomes angry and throws the flowers he is holding in Sam's face, then storms off.

That evening, Sam attends Cheryl and Bob's wedding rehearsal. Bob's father, Chuck Thompson, a used car salesman, shows up, visibly drunk and boasting about a recent car sale. Sam tries to warn Cheryl that Bob will become the same way, but Cheryl ignores him. Later, during dinner, Sam is seated at the children's table. Bob announces to the audience his wedding gift to Cheryl: a color TV set. Sam stands up to make a speech. He praises Cheryl for having the courage to join the Peace Corps and help the less fortunate while jokingly thanking Bob for the TV, since he and Cheryl will be in Tonga and will be forced to leave the TV set behind.

Al arrives and congratulates Sam on his speech. He asks Sam about his progress in stopping the marriage. Sam says Cheryl won't listen to him because she perceives him as a dorky kid. One of the Impalas notices Sam talking to thin air and throws food in his face. Sam tells Al they should continue their conversation in a more private setting. The two retreat to the bathroom, where a young Michael Jackson briefly enters, and Sam shows him a few of Jackson's famous dance moves. Meanwhile, Bob and his father loudly approach the bathroom. Sam hides in one of the stalls and overhears Bob's father telling Bob that he has just made him a partner in his Used Car business and has bought him a house as a wedding gift. Bob asks his father to keep the news a secret, as Cheryl will be upset when she finds out he is taking the house and his father's job offer and has no intention of joining the Peace Corps. Bob's father recommends that getting Cheryl pregnant after the wedding will further stall her ambitions and force her to stay home.

Sam reports the details of the conversation to Cheryl, who angrily confronts Bob about the matter. Bob tells her he is going to reject his dad's offer after the wedding. Sam accuses Bob of lying, and Bob lashes out at him. Cheryl tells him to stop or she will cancel the wedding. Al advises Sam to challenge Bob to a drag race, the winner of which will inherit the other's car. Sam does so, and the Impalas burst out into laughter. Bob accepts the challenge and mockingly tells Sam to meet him at the underpass the next day.

Sam questions Al's recommendation, and Al explains that, if Sam wins the race, Bob will explode in anger and reveal his true, violent nature to everyone, and convince Cheryl to finally break up with him. Sam agrees that it is a good idea, however, the further problem is that Bob has the fastest car on the boulevard. Al tells Sam to inject the car with nitrous oxide, which will give the car enough short-term speed to win the race against Bob.

The next day, Jill helps Sam install the nitrous oxide tank into the car's intake manifold, hooked up to a triggering mechanism at the front of the car. Sam arrives for the race against Bob, with Cheryl, Jill, and the Impalas as spectators. Bob and the Impalas tell Sam to prepare to lose his car. The race gets underway and Bob races ahead of Sam. Al appears next to Sam and advises him to wait until the last minute before triggering the nitrous oxide. As he does so, Sam's car surges ahead and overtakes Bob, comfortably winning the race. Sam gets out of the car, cheered by Cheryl and Jill, while the Impalas groan in defeat. Bob, angry and embarrassed, slams his foot on the accelerator and attempts to run Sam down. Sam quickly dives out of the way, and Bob crashes into a pillar. With the car wrecked, Bob angrily gets out of the car and throws the car keys at Sam. Cheryl, horrified and angered that Bob attempted to kill her little brother, removes her engagement ring and dumps Bob. Bob grabs Cheryl by the arm and tells her she isn't leaving him, attempting to slap her. Sam rushes over, punching Bob in the face, and tells him to stay away from Cheryl. Bob instructs the Impalas to take Sam out. The Impalas refuse, disgusted by Bob's violent actions and deeming them inexcusable. Everyone leaves Bob by himself, while Jill throws Bob's pink slip to the ground, allowing him to keep his now-wrecked car.

Later, Sam sees Cheryl off at the airport as she prepares to leave for Tonga on her Peace Corps mission alone. Sam wishes her well, and Cheryl tells him she has a surprise waiting for him in the courtyard. Sam goes out to see what it is: Jill is awaiting him, having shed her tomboy image, and gotten dolled up in dress and make up. Sam discovers that Jill has never kissed anyone before and, with Al's advice, awards Jill with her first kiss, before leaping... Source


Personal Review by Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL:

This is a fun and exciting episode! I especially like the racing scenes and the little dance number Sam does in the men's room with the little boy.


Production Credits:

Music by: Mike Post
Supervising Producer: Scott Shepherd
Co-producer: Deborah Pratt
Produced by: Harker Wade
Created by: Donald P. Bellisario
Written by: Paul Brown

Directed by: Alan J. Levi

Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario
Associate Producers: 
Jeff Gourson, David Bellisario
Executive Story Editor: Paul Brown

Director of Photography: Henry Lebo
Art Director: Cameron Birnie
Edited by: Lawrence S. Breslow
Unit Production Manager: Paul Cajero
First Assistant Director: Tom Connors
Second Assistant Director: James Dillon
Casting by:  Ellen Lubin Sanitsky
Set Director: Robert L. Zilliox
Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisors: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme
Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb
Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth
Casting Associate: Debi Manwiller
Sound Editor: Sam Gemette
Music Editor: Mark Green
Panaflex ®  Camera and Lenses by: Panavision ®

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Copyright © 1989 by Universal City Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Bellisarius Productions and Universal, an MCA Company

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