Project Quantum Leap


Sam in the
Accelerator Chamber

Sam's First Leap

Energy Stream

Accelerator Desert Lights

Roaring Toward the Project

Sam & Donna's
home above ground

Al's Car From 1st Season

Al's Car 1st Season

Al's Car Last Season

Original Imaging
Chamber Door

Al in Imaging Chamber

Door to the Waiting Room
or Imaging Chamber

The Waiting Room

Project Quantum Leap at Stallion's Gate, New Mexico

Into the desert

PQL Above Ground Structure
(which is supposedly a building
from the University of New Mexico)

Ziggy's Brain

Attempting to retrieve Sam

Control Room

Gooshie, Tina, Sam, Donna, &
Verbena at the Control table

Convention Photo

Lightning strikes Sam & Al,
and then they leap together

Waiting Room table


Inside the Control Room

Sam exits the Imaging Chamber

"Desert Lights" Panorama Copyright 2000 by Brian Greene

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