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Quantum Leap (2022-2024) Episode Guide


Episode 1x01 - July 13, 1985

Episode 1x02 - Atlantis

Episode 1x03 - Somebody Up There Likes Ben

Episode 1x04 - A Decent Proposal

Episode 1x05 - Salvation or Bust

Episode 1x06 - What A Disaster

Episode 1x07 - Oh Ye Of Little Faith

Episode 1x08 - Stand By Ben

Episode 1x09 - Fellow Travelers

Episode 1x10 - Paging Dr. Song

Episode 1x11 - Leap. Die. Repeat.

Episode 1x12 - Let Them Play

Episode 1x13 - Family Style

Episode 1x14 - S.O.S.

Episode 1x15 - Ben Song For The Defense

Episode 1x16 - Ben, Interrupted

Episode 1x17 - The Friendly Skies

Episode 1x18 - Judgement Day


Episode 2x01 - This Took Too Long!

Episode 2x02 - Ben & Teller

Episode 2x03 - Closure Encounters

Episode 2x04 - The Lonely Hearts Club

Episode 2x05 - One Night in Koreatown

Episode 2x06 - Secret History

Episode 2x07 - A Kind of Magic

Episode 2x08 - Nomad

Episode 2x09 - Off the Cuff

Episode 2x10 - The Family Treasure

Episode 2x11 - The Outsider

Episode 2x12 - As The World Burns

Episode 2x13 - Against Time

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